Among us, both elements in the Eucharist are administered to the laity, because this is a clear command and precept of Christ, Matt. 26, 27: “Drink ye all of it.” Here Christ commands in express words concerning the cup, that they all should drink of it.

And in order that no one shall be able to cavil at these words, and explain them as pertaining to the priests alone, Paul informs us, 1 Cor. 11, 25, that the whole congregation of the Corinthian church used both elements. And this custom continued in the church for a long time, as can be shown from history and the writings of the Fathers. Cyprian mentions in many places, that in his time the cup was administered to the laity. Thus says St. Jerome: “The priests who administer the Sacrament, distribute the blood of Christ to the people.” And pope Gelasius himself commands, that the Sacrament should not be divided, Distinct.2, de Consecrat. Cap. Comperimus. Nor can any canon be found, which commands that one element alone should be received. And no one can ascertain, when or by whom the custom of receiving one element was introduced, although cardinal Cusanus mentions the time when this method was approved. Now it is evident that a custom, introduced contrary to the command of God, and in opposition to the ancient canons, is wrong. Wherefore, it was improper to oppress the consciences of those who wished to use the holy Sacrament according to the institution of Christ, by compelling them to act contrary to the order of Christ our Lord.

And since this practice of dividing the Sacrament is contrary to the institution of Christ, the usual procession* with the Sacrament is discontinued among us.

* This expression has reference to the processions with the host, on the festival of the Holy Body. – [Trans.