These are the principle Articles which are regarded as controverted. It were easy indeed to enumerate many more abuses and errors, but in order to be brief, and to prevent prolixity, we have mentioned only the principle ones, from which the others may easily be perceived. For in former times much complaint existed concerning indulgences, pilgrimages, and the abuse of excommunication. The clergy have also had endless disputes with the monks about hearing confessions, about burials, funeral sermons, and numberless other subjects. All such we have thought proper to pass over gently, so that the more important subjects in this matter, might be the better understood. Nor should it be imagined, that any thing has been said or intimated here against any one out of hatred or disrespect; but we have stated these subjects only, which we have considered as necessary to refer to and to mention, in order that it might be the more clearly perceived, that by us nothing is received either in doctrine or ceremonies, which might be contrary to the holy Scripture, or opposed to the universal Christian church. For it is clear, indeed, and evident, that with the greatest vigilance, by the help of God, (without boasting) we have been careful that no new and ungodly doctrine insinuate itself, spread, and prevail in our churches.

The foregoing Articles we have, in conformity with the Edict, desired to submit, as an evidence of our Confession and of our doctrine. And if any one should be found who has any objection to them, we are ready to give him further information with reasons from Holy Writ.

Your Imperial Majesty’s most humble subjects:

JOHN, Elector of Saxony.
GEORGE, Margrave of Brandenburg.
ERNEST, Duke of Luneburg.
PHILIP, Landgrave of Hesse.
[JOHN FREDERICK, Duke of Saxony.
FRANCIS, Duke of Luneburg.]
WOLFGANG, Prince of Anhalt.
The Imperial City of Nuremburg.
The Imperial City of Reutlingen.