Table of Contents

Title Page

Address to Emperor Charles V

Article I
Of God.

Article II
Of Original Sin.

Articles III - V
Of the Son of God.
Of Justification.
Of the Ministry.

Articles VI - VIII
Of New Obedience.
Of the Church.
What the Church Is.

Article IX
Of Baptism.

Article X
Of the Lord's Supper.

Articles XI - XII
Of Confession.
Of Repentance.

Article XIII - XVI
Of the Use of the Sacraments.
Of Church Government.
Of Church Rites and Ordinances.
Of Civil Polity and Government.

Article XVII
Of Christ's Return to Judgment.

Article XVIII
Of Freewill.

Article XIX
Of the Cause of Sin.

Article XX
Of Faith and Good Works.

Article XXI
Of the Worship of Saints.

Conclusion to Part I

Articles Concerning Which There is Dissension

Article XXII
Of Both Elements in the Eucharist.

Article XXIII
Of the Marriage of Priests.

Article XXIV
Of the Mass.

Article XXV
Of Confession.

Article XXVI
Of Diversity of Meats.

Article XXVII
Of Monastic Vows.

Article XXVIII
Of the Power of Bishops or Clergy.